After the structure of the content is decided, I searched for the best way to present that content in a visual structure. Ideally, the layout gives a transparent insight on how the information is categorised and structured. Because I was so critical I was stuck in this process for a while.

The site had to be highly usable and graphical but not very conventional. I wanted the user to be able to go to any other part of the site in one click. The navigation had to tell the user (in type) and show (in composition)
where they were in the site structure. After about 45 different possible layouts on paper (view four above) I decided to go for a system where the navigation was quite minimal so the work itself could be presented a large as possible without having to scroll on 800x600 resolution. The form followed the content, the photography would be displayed large and the interaction designs were given the least amount of space, they could be viewed in a new window.

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