The graphic design of Directiondesign is very much inspired on the signage system of Dutch transportation. This system is designed by a number of companies that are well known worldwide (Mijksenaar for example that developed signage systems for several airports). Ofcourse I didn't want to just copy the graphic style. Interaction design demands a different approach because it is a different medium. Still, there is a lot to learn from signage systems since they also need to tell people where to go and how to get there. I noticed that many portfolios use very dark or very light colours, with only bright accents and very small pixel typography. This is fine but I wanted to use a more bright colour scheme and very legible (big) typography so it would have a broader appeal. I wanted to avoid the postmodern eclecticism that is so populair at the moment (many layers of –illegible– type mixed with photography and 3D). Trying to make something with a strong concept that communicates to a broad audience was quite hard.

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