Since I already knew that I wanted to create a highly visual portfolio site, most part of the concept involved:

1) incorperating my vision on interaction design
(non-compromised balance of usability and design)
2) making a selection of my work (incl. categories)
3) determine a target audience
4) decide a graphical style and/or theme
5) make a list of technical specifications
(HTML, Flash, 800x600 resolution, etc)
Selecting the work I wanted to present was relatively easy. The theme of my portfolio was quite difficult. It had to relate to my background, my interests and my vision on design in general. I also required that the style of the portfolio would relate to the broad target audience (designers, design companys and companies looking for designers). I went on to the content and visual structure of the information –on paper– and decided the style design would come later.

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