This 'Making of' provides indetail information on the creation of Directiondesign, from the first sketch to the last bit of Flash or HTML. It is not my intention to state that the creative proces described on the following pages is the only good way. I've just noticed it works quite well (for me and other designers I know). Of course I didn't invent it, much of it was tought at my art academy or comes from design theory books/sites. There are several reasons why I decided to create a 'Making of' section for Directiondesign: 1. I've never seen a making of page of a specific website (from initial concept to design).

2. It is always good to reflect on your own design process and see how it can be improved.

3. Many people asked where I get my inspiration from, or how I created specific things. Hopefully these pages answer most of the questions.

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