Jurriaan Schalken specialises in cross media strategy and creative / art direction for broadcast and interactive. 
The paradigm shift from tv to the web - as the core medium of communication - has a big influence on the media creation and delivery landscape.  Communication is not just a brand expansion of a company anymore, but more importantly a functional extension for the client/viewer of the company's products, services and content.
The intention is to give meaning to communication, through form and interaction.
logos imageClients include international corporations, broadcasters, government and ngo’s.
With theoretical and practical experience of usability, interactive design and communication, Jurriaan art/creative directs cross & multi media projects providing a coherent creative vision for the web, broadcast  and offline.
Directiondesign's main goal is to create engaging interactive experiences, that are flexible, communicative and easy to use.  

Jurriaan's work has been internationally showcased and awarded.

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